Airport Intimidation

In the past when I have flown out of the Juba airport I have had to present my MC Scotland ID and my ticket.  I gave my ID and ticket to the man checking them and he waved me through then this man started yelling at me, “PASSPORT! PASSPORT! PASSPORT!”  It scared me I have never been asked for my passport, it was a domestic flight and I didn’t want to give it to him; so I didn’t.  He sent a guard to detain me and the guard tried to grab me; so I yelled, “Don’t touch me!  in Arabic.”   I was approached by a man in  an official looking uniform who smiled at me and said “Good morning.”  I responded, “What is going on?”  He said, “First we say good morning.”  I wanted to say, “No, the assholes who work for you don’t say good morning they simply yell and scream about what they want.”  Instead I said, ” Good morning.” 

“May I see your passport?” he asked.  “Yes,” I replied and handed it to him.  By this time the man in charge of the WFP flights had come over and was taking charge.  I was free to board my flight, except for the fact that it was 8:00 p.m. in the morning and my flight wasn’t until 2:20 p.m.  I had the driver take me back to the hotel and went back to bed deciding I would start my day over. 

I headed to the airport around noon, I was apprehensive about going through the process again, but the WFP guy had told me just give them whatever they ask for.  I gave my passport to the man checking the passports and the tickets and then the military guy, the same one who had tried to detain me before, took my passport and started looking through it.  He then looked at me and yelled, “Visa! Visa! Visa!” numerous times. 

I knew enough Arabic to tell him that the visa is in the passport,  but instead I handed him my travel permit.  He looked it over as if he could read English then handed it back, I snatched it out of his hands and with a look disgust on my face.  O.K. so your checking passports, and you don’t even know that the visa is in the passport, so do you really want to see my visa or do you want to see my travel permit?  They want me to fear them instead I’m thinking, “You’re a f*&^ing idiot.”  Followed by, this is why getting an education is more important than owning a gun.  Followed by, all aid should go to women.”

I had a conversation with the Brit who oversees the WFP flights, I asked why they were now asking for passports, he said that they have been asking for passports for at least a month and numerous communications had gone out about it.  He also said that they yell  at you to intimidate you into compliance.  Stupid, why don’t they just learn to say, “May  I please see your passport?” 

I reiterate this is why getting an education is more important than owning a gun.

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