It’s a party in Agok!

Me doing M & E training in the racuba which becomes a bug haven at night.

I’m sitting here in the racuba.  I was trying to work, but there are a million bugs and they are attracted to the light so prior to figuring out that if I dim my screen they aren’t so attracted to it, I was constantly wiping them off so I could see what I was typing.  Some of those bugs when on the screen change the word you think you typed, or make it look like a typo.  Then if you close your computer, smashed bugs all over it. 

So at first it was just the pesky bugs, but then I noticed my friends the frogs; who are feasting.  I brought one over to my computer screen thinking it was an all you can eat buffet, but he hopped into the screen and then off the table.  I tried to assist another frog by putting him up on the metal door (not too far off the ground) in the light where they were serving grasshopper.  I think he was afraid of heights. 

Then I saw the mother of all frogs, he was HUGE.  But now I’m tired of bugs and I still have to walk to my tent, put my shower stuff together, walk to the shower, shower, make sure I have everything I took to the shower and then walk back to my tent.  Thank goodness I have a headlamp.

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One Response to It’s a party in Agok!

  1. Kari Dean says:

    And a fine headlamp buying assistant you had as well:) Miss you! Just wading through my daily corporate b******t today. I will write you a newsy letter soon!

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