Things you find in the shower

I can’t remember whether or not it was last night or the night before, but I opened the shower door to find a hedgehog there, cute little fellow, but you definately don’t want to step on one.  Last night and I was sure it was last night I felt something trying to crawl up my leg, I kicked it off.  It turned out to be either a humongous praying mantis or a walking stick, it was at least five inches long, with beady eyes, seriously eyes that look like beads.

So today I didn’t do a lot of copying, but I went through some data and found a lot of it missing and now am trying to reconstruct a file on a project that was completed before my time.  I keep telling programs that it is much easier to file as you go rather than do it at the end, but obviously no one is getting the message.

Currently we have two election observers staying on our compound, the guy is from the states, the woman is from Sweden or some Scandinavian country, I tried being friendly with her and she was a snob, so finally I just gave up.  I can’t tell what it is, but I think there is a lot of anti-American sentiment.  Last week in Juba, I heard a woman bashing Americans, I didn’t quite catch what she was saying, but when I turned around she had a look of shock on her face.  Usually when someone gives me a hard time just because of my nationality I say, “I know Americans are stupid enough to judge an entire country by its government, but I didn’t think (insert nationality here) were that stupid.”

I’m tired of snobby NGO workers.  I’m proud to be an American and I love going home to America, so if you’re not going to judge me on the content of my character, there’s the door, don’t let it hit in the ass on the way out. 

I wish my friends would write me more often hint, hint.

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