The Glorious Life of an Aid Worker

Hate your job?  You should have been doing mine today, then you would probably love yours.  I’m still in Abyei sorting through and copying files.  Original documentation needs to be kept in the head office, but copies of the documentation need to be in the field for audit purposes.  I got another file copied today.  I started early in the morning and was plagued with copier problems including spending an hour trying to change the cartridge until we realized that we had the wrong cartridge. 

I was determined to complete this file today though so at 7:00 p.m. when the generator came back on I headed into the tin shack at around 8:15 it became so buggy I was constantly shaking them off the paper when I put it in the copier, shaking them off when I took them out of the copier and was literally covered with bugs by 8:30 p.m.  The gang of frogs that were hanging out in the shack with me and the operations manager obsviously were not doing their jobs.

However, due to the bug issue, I finished in record time.  Now onto brave the bugs in the shower and to bed.  Tomorrow an update on the food and hopefully some photos.

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