180 Cows

I just found out that here in Sudan, at least if I were Dinka that because of my height that a man would have to offer anywhere from 150 to 180 cows to marry me.  Finally someplace where my height is valued.  Women cows or no, seems to marry young in Sudan and most have children.  When I tell them that I probably won’t have children they are surprised.

But to be honest where would I put 180 cows and then how would I get my cows and my husband back home?   It’s a dilemma.  But it makes me think of my friend Kari who is 6’3 now she is probably worth 200 cows at the least.

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One Response to 180 Cows

  1. Kari Dean says:

    whoo hoo!!!! 200 cows!!!! I’m rich…in cowpies and beef! Well, a least it’s a start-

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