It’s beginning

Were the words out of the fleet manager’s mouth, as we watched a crowd being chased by armed soliders. 

On the stairwell, headed up to pick my recent printing off the copier, three shots rang out, the Operations Manager dashed my me on his was downstairs,   I headed to the porch to check it out, don’t worry I stood against the wall. 

It appeared that a car ran over a little girl, a crowd gathered and shots rang out, the crowd got unruly and started retreating followed by a solidier with a gun, he fired slightly above the crowd, but I could see the puffs of smoke from his gun.  As the solider chased the crowd I watched a women help a little girl around 11 or 12 across the street into a different compound.  It was slow going. 

The car drove off and I saw the crowd throwing things at it; there were rumors about what happened, the most common, a land dispute.  I heard someone was shot, no one is dead, but its all speculation.  All I know is that the soliders seemed unpredicatable and out of control.  “Why would you ever fire into a crowd of unarmed civilians? 

It always seems like its the crazies who have the guns. 

It was interesting watching our national staff most of them didn’t blink an eye. 

For me, after a week of trying to put together the Q4 and annual report, I’m exhausted.  I slept until 1:00 p.m. today, then went in search of coffee at my neighbors,  the MC compound is a group of four apartments and then transit rooms, with a bed and shower in the back.  There is a communal kitchen for the transit area and a living room, unfortunately the TV doesn’t work.   So, I was at my colleagues apartment watching a movie “My Sister’s Keeper” drinking my coffee when one of my colleagues a young lady from Burma finished cooking, she came out and told me on saturdays we watch football and promptly changed the channel.  I would rather do almost anything than watch sports BOOOORRRRRRRIING, unless its live, so I made another cup of coffee and left.

I tried to commendeer someone else’s TV, but no luck, I wish they’d fix the damn TV back here.  

So I guess I’ll work a little more on the Q4 and annual report and my book.  I’ll spend one more week in Juba, then fly to Khartoum on Saturday, spend a little over a week in Khartoum, then back to Juba, to Agok for a week or so, then to Upper Nile. 

Keep your fingers crossed for me, I’ve given myself until the end of December to fix the data mess I’m dealing with.

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