I’m not upset about the swimmer, yet, but the journalism SUCKS!

Okay so I saw the headline “Victoria Arlen Banned From Paralympic World Swimming Championships, Senators Object,” http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/08/10/victoria-arlen-paralympic-swim-worlds_n_3737830.htmlTruth

I was prepared to be upset. But then I read the article and there was absolutely zero information. As a former Paralympic athlete I am aware of the rigorous disability evaluation people undergo to compete. In 1988, when the USA Women’s Wheelchair Basketball Team took a player with a hip replacement, she almost didn’t compete. It was my understanding that if she had been denied it was my understanding the entire team would have gone home (I’m not sure if just the entire women’s wheelchair basketball team would have gone home or the entire Paralympic team). Whatever the case she competed, much to the determent of the future of the sport, but that’s another story.

So as a former Paralympian I needed to know what the disease was that caused her paralysis, what her disability is and the background behind the refusal. Instead the Associated Press provides a headline and a story intent to incite rather than inform. Shame on you AP! You should leave the inciting and entertaining reporting to FOX. CBC Sports actually did a better job http://www.cbc.ca/sports/story/2013/08/13/sp-paralympics-swimming-victoria-arlen.html, but I still don’t know what the disease was or her level of Paralysis. However, now after reading this story I can tell you that usually once an athlete has been cleared for the Paralympics they are eligible for the lesser competitions.

I hope Arlen gets to compete, but I’m more outraged at the lack of information in this story and the state of “journalism” than I am about a swimming meet. 

Show me the INFORMATION!

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